Welcome on ccbra.ro, the official website of The Bilateral Chamber of Commerce Romania - Albania (CCBRA).

CCBRA is a bicameral structure of the Romanian bicameral system that exists under OG 26/2000, republished and amended, in light of the provisions of Law 335/2007 regarding the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Romania.

The purpose of the Chamber is to promote social and economic bilateral relations between Romania and Albania, boosting economic cooperation between the two countries, and to represent the interests of its members in relation to the institutional environment of the two countries.

To this end, CCBRA invites all legal entities and individuals interested in its services to become, free of charge, members of CCBRA. The advantages of CCBRA members can be covered thoroughly here.

CCBRA organizes regular events for promotion of bilateral economic ties between the two countries.

For any further information or clarification you can use the contact form and we will respond shortly.

Thanks for visiting and come back soon.

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